Privacy Policy

Goodwin Village – Australian Privacy Principles Policy – Health & Personal Information Collection and Disclosure

The Goodwin Village residential care will create an environment that undertakes to consult, inform and involve residents and/or their representative in all aspects of provision of care and services. This statement has been developed to comply with the requirements of the privacy act 2006 –


In order to provide you with appropriate residential aged care, we collect personal and health information from you. We do this by requesting the information verbally or in writing. We continue to collect and record information throughout your time as a resident at this facility. The Aged Care Act 1997 requires that aged residential care facilities collect information about you for various purposes.

These can include:

  • Assessment and classification information of residents
  • Individual care plans for residents
  • Medical records, progress notes & other clinical records of residents
  • Financial information about residents
  • Photos

We also require:

  • Medicare number, pension number, etc
  • Records relating to payment of bonds
  • Records of the name and contact details of at least 1 representative of the resident


We use the information to provide you with appropriate care, accommodation & hospitality services. If you choose not to give us the correct requested information, we may not be able to provide you with the most appropriate services and care.


Ethical conduct by the Goodwin Village Residential care means we value the right of individuals to be treated with respect and the right of individuals to an appropriate standard of care. To enable us to meet our obligations to you, and as required by legislation, we may involve a variety of health care professionals in provision of your care. Disclosure of your health information to these health care professionals is necessary in order to provide you with appropriate care.

The Goodwin Village Residential care will endeavor to consult with you on all aspects of the provision of care and respect your right to reasonable choices of care provision. We are required to disclose your information to provide you with appropriate health services. We can also be required by law to disclose information to Courts and various Government Agencies.

We may disclose relevant information to facility staff (eg nurses, personal carers, diversional therapists, accountant, hospitality staff, etc), visiting health professionals (eg doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, pathologists, speech therapists, dieticians, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, specialist nurses, etc), and other service providers (e.g. volunteers, hairdresser, community visitor,

We are also required by law to disclose your information to government departments & agencies for purposes that may include funding, management, planning, monitoring, improvement and evaluation of the facility services.


You have the right to request access to the information we have collected about you. A fee may apply if access to your record is granted.


The Goodwin Village Residential care has taken reasonable steps to protect the information we have collected about you against misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

  • Pass word for all computers.
  • Achieve room locked at all times acess by office staff only
  • Care office locked at all times

Further Information

The Goodwin Village Residential care clearly sets out its management of health and personal information and the steps an individual must take in order to access their health and personal information in our policies and procedures. Policies and Procedures can be viewed during business hours (by appointment) – simply ask the Care Manager.