Fees and Costs

Our fees and costs are different depending on your needs and whether you are seeking residential care, retirement living (Independent Living Units) or Home Care services.

The fees paid by residents for residential aged care depend on the resident’s income and assets. People with limited means may only be required to pay the basic daily care fee of $58.98 per day.

People with sufficient assets or income may need to pay the maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit of $350,000, or an equivalent Daily Accommodation Payment of $75.75 (calculated at 7.90%).

To learn more about the fees applicable to their individual financial circumstances, prospective residents and their families can contact Goodwin Village or visit the Department of Health My Aged Care website.

Goodwin Village has 33 Independent Living Units, with several different fee arrangements available to suit most individual financial circumstances. There are 10 Department of Human Services (DHS) units in Goodwin Village, which require no lump-sum entry payments, but instead attract a rental payment linked to Centrelink/DVA support payments. The 23 Village-owned units remain the property of Goodwin Village at all times, but residents are required to pay a lump-sum entry payment (ingoing contribution) and ongoing property costs.

The required lump sum payments are as follows:

  • One-bedroom units with undercover car park — $60,000
  • Converted two-bedroom units with undercover car park — $80,000
  • Two-bedroom units with adjoining lock-up garage — $150,000
  • Larger two-bedroom units with adjoining lock-up garage — $220,000
  • Larger two-bedroom units with adjoining two-car lock-up garage — $250,000
  • New two-bedroom units (soon to be completed) with adjoining two-car lock-up garage — $350,000

Although the Ingoing Contribution for units is substantially cheaper than an equivalent privately owned home, Goodwin Village retains monetary sums from the initial lump-sum entry payment, depending on the amount of the payment, and the length of time the person resides in the unit.

The ongoing property costs for all units — including maintenance fees, municipal rates and water authority rates — are contingent on the size of the unit, and whether the resident is a pensioner, part-pensioner or self-funded retiree.  Property costs vary between $100.00 and $130.00 per week.

Goodwin Village provides community care services in clients’ own homes to help them live independently at home for longer. Goodwin Village subcontracts their services to all the major community care providers that operate in the Buloke Shire.

Goodwin Village also works on a fee-for-service arrangement for clients unable to access subsidised community care programs. The hourly rate charged is available on application.

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Fees and Costs

Please contact us at anytime to discuss our fees and costs.